Minecraft: Dungeons, a new game set in the Minecraft universe, was announced during the Minecon Earth livestream this afternoon.

While details on the game are slim, the developer interviews in a short video that played before the official trailer claimed that Minecraft: Dungeonsis an adventure game where up to four players can team up to overcome challenges in new locations and environments that have never appeared before in Minecraft.


The trailer was shown after a short on-stage presentation in which Lydia Winters, the Chief Brand Officer for Mojang, and a developer teased that there is more than one new game set in the Minecraft universe in development currently. As Winters said after the trailer was shown, “this is the beginning of our expansion of the Minecraft universe to new game genres.”

Update – 1:45pm: In a short discussion of Minecraft: Dungeons later in the stream event, Dungeons was described by Mojang employees Jens Bergensten and Owen Jones as a top-down dungeon crawler. The words “hack and slash” were also used to describe the game. They also showed another screenshot of a location from the upcoming game:

Minecraft: Dungeons does not currently have a release date, but it will appear on the PC platform in 2019.