Mojang, the development team behind the building game Minecraft, has released a new developer diary video in which they discuss the game’s upcoming “Super Duper Graphics Pack” update.

The update was announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference last week and was said to bring 4K graphics to the Xbox One version of the game, along with a range of other graphical enhancements.The PC version of the game already supported 4K resolution rendering.

Both the PC and Xbox One versions of the game will also be able to make use of updated 4K resolution textures as well as other graphical enhancements such as specular maps, emissive maps, updated shadows, updated water rendering and animated foliage.

A cross-play update is also expected to be released this summer for almost all consoles, except for the PlayStation 4, that will enable players to play together regardless of which device the player plays the game on, if they are playing on special designated servers.

The Minecraft “Super Duper Graphics Pack” is expected to launch this fall.

Minecraft development team discusses “Super Duper Graphics Pack” in new developer diary video