Minecraft, Mojang’s crown jewel continues to refine itself with an all-new update that looks poised to get 2019 going in style.

With a series of tweaks including those in Update Aquatic, Village and Pillage will take the community by storm with a barrage of new features which breathe more life into the wealth of content already on offer.

Most notably is the introduction of Pillagers. Armed with crossbows and Illager Beasts, this new addition to the ominous Illager mob will prove a formidable foe to players as they lay siege on NPC villages across the world.

Aside from villages receiving a new feature, more focus has also been turned towards building, 14 new stair and slab blocks will be added, as well as 12 new wall textures. Scaffolding will be introduced, allowing players to quickly climb and scale any obstacles or projects they are working on.

Minecraft Developer Talk Reveals Village and Pillage Update Details – n3rdabl3

Much like its predecessor, the Village and Pillage update looks to further improve the game’s already diverse and colorful natural environment. This includes the introduction of two new animals: foxes, which can be found in Taiga biomes, and pandas, that can be discovered in Jungles. Edible berries will also be added as well as bamboo and new dyes.

The release date for Minecraft’s Village and Pillage update is assumed to be set for 2019 so stay tuned for further announcements. You can read the full developer update https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/java-developers-talk-village-and-pillage.