Most of you probably know that the Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] Better Together update will add cross-platform servers and graphical upgrades to the game, but it will also add plenty of other fun features as it strives for parity between versions. Three of those features that will be added to the game are stained glass, books, and banners, with the first two being the most fun of the three. Banners are crafted from wool, can be placed either on the ground or on walls, and they make for fun decorations when you’re making medieval-themed builds. Books and quills let you create books that you can add text to and are great for adventure maps.


The most exciting feature though is by far stained glass, decorative variants of regular glass blocks that let you create fantastic buildings. They come with a ton of different colors and also let you change Beacon colors. I’m pretty sure builders will be very excited for this one. What other features are you hoping to see in the Better Together update?

‘Minecraft’ ‘Better Together’ Update Bringing Stained Glass, Books, and Banners