It has been announced that Minecraft Bedrock will be released for Nintendo Switch in June. According to Mojang, with this update the company will address all the existing issues.

Multiple platforms, one codebase
First of all, the Bedrock update will make it easier for future updates to be implemented on all platforms at more or less the same time. This is extremely important because so far every platform had to get its own version of Minecraft, each with a unique codebase. Because of this, it was much harder for Mojang to release updates, as every platform required a separate update for the game.

Improved Cross-Play
Secondly, different versions of Minecraft created for different platforms meant that cross-play between players that were not using the same platform was much more complicated. The Bedrock update will use just one codebase, thus making it possible for gamers to play with each other using distinct consoles. However, not all platforms will be included in this unification. As usual, Sony wants to stay away from the others, so cross-play between PlayStation and other platforms will be impossible.

One update for all platforms
The Bedrock update of Minecraft will not only improve compatibility between different consoles, but it will also allow for any future updates to be released on all platforms, at pretty much the same time.

Also, the Minecraft Marketplace will become available for Switch users. With this feature, they will gain access to additional content created by other users, such as skins, textures and even entire worlds. Additionally, you’ll be offered some mini-games through the community servers.

The Bedrock update will be available for you at no cost at all in case you already have Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition. If not, you can purchase it from the Nintendo shop online or you can buy a physical copy. You can get your own copy for approximately $30, starting with June 21st.