Halo‘s Master Chief is (finally?) heading to a Nintendo system. No, the Switch is not getting a port of a Halo game. Instead, the Xbox’s beloved mascot is coming to everyone’s favorite handheld/console hybrid by way of Minecraft. The “Halo mashup pack” will soon be available on Switch and every other edition of Minecraft (minus the PlayStation version, of course).

Master Chief isn’t the only Xbox character making his way to Switch. Expect to see pixelated versions of characters from Fable, Gears of War, and Banjo Kazooie. The inclusion of Banjo characters is interesting given how the franchise originally started on the Nintendo 64. The Switch is Nintendo’s main console these days, but if you own Minecraft on Wii U, you’ll also have access to these characters when you download the new skin pack. Master Chief is simply too big for one single Nintendo console to hold.

As EuroGamer points out, the Halo mashup pack has been available on Xbox for a number of years now. Microsoft’s systems (in this case the Xbox 360 and Xbox One) used to have the Minecraft: Xbox Edition, but this version was discontinued sometime ago. It was replaced by the current edition of Minecraft, which is available across many platforms. Interestingly enough, the now-defunct Minecraft: Xbox Edition recently got a new skin pack based on the Disney film, Moana. Because… why not?

Master Chief’s Nintendo sojourn can be seen as the only way to play a “new” Halo game. Microsoft hasn’t said anything regarding when a new entry in their most well-known series will release. Given the lukewarm reception to Halo 5, it’s possible 343 Industries (the current developers of Halo) are taking extra time to ensure the next game is everything fans of the franchise want. Perhaps we’ll get some type of Halo announcement during this year’s E3. For now, Halo fans will simply have to make do with this low-res version of Master Chief to tide them over.

Master Chief Lands on Nintendo Switch via Minecraft