Releasing Minecraft on a popular but ageing New Nintendo 3DS was something of a masterstroke, but the recent news that Japan was getting a New Nintendo 2DS: Creeper Edition left us scratching our heads; surely a global launch was in order? Well, it seems that this may be happening – at least if Nintendo Russia is to be believed.

Images of the console, complete with age ratings for European countries, have been seen in a PDF file sent by Nintendo RU alongside other Gamescom 2018 news. It’s worth noting that Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition isn’t currently available in Europe, but the PDF has no other information about the game or the new 2DS console, leaving us with only pretty thumbnails to look at.

Minecraft 2DS Creeper Edition
Buried in official announcements, this gaffe went unnoticed by the Russian games media for the whole of Gamescom week, and no official announcements were forthcoming following the event. Was the PR pushed back at the last minute by Nintendo RU? Who knows, but the existence of packaging with EU age ratings would suggest that the Creeper console is indeed headed to Europe at some point, and it would make sense to finally launch the game in Europe at the same time.