Lego Live NYC is bringing a massive, immersive three-day event to Manhattan in 2018, giving families and anyone Lego-obsessed a chance to really get their brick on.

The event will be held from Feb. 16 to 18 at the Basketball City facility on Pier 36 in lower Manhattan. It will be an “immersive experience” with Lego-themed zones, including Star Wars, Ninjago and Minecraft, to name a few, says Mark Guest, spokesman for Bricklive, a promotional network of Lego-focused events. In each of the areas inside the 65,000-square-foot facility, visitors will “experience hands-on building and get involved in the total creative experience, including live demonstrations,” he adds.

They will be presented by “Master Builders,” who come from all walks of life, including “wood carvers, furniture makers, engineers, you name it,” says Amanda Madore, senior manager for Brand Relations of the Lego Group.

Although anyone could potentially achieve Master Builder status, to do so one must first be able to accomplish tasks such as building a trophy out of Lego pieces in 10 minutes and a sphere in only one, among other tasks. “Lego Master Builder status can be achieved by anyone who can demonstrate the determination and skill to explore the Lego system and what can be achieved with this limitless building system,” says Madore.

Other highlights will include a community building area, appearances by yet-to-be-announced costumed characters, an area where guests can create robots in a “Coding Corner” and an assortment of special souvenirs and Lego sets available for purchase.

Tickets for the event, which will be held at 299 South St., Manhattan, are available for $30-$75 at Email questions to [email protected]

Lego Live NYC to feature Star Wars, Ninjago, Minecraft, more