Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have unveiled the next official Lego game, and it’s, well…incredible. Literally. Lego The Incredibles is coming soon, releasing as both digital and physical editions on June 15 alongside the film’s debut in theaters. It’s coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Lego The Incredibles will feature much of the same fun the previous titles did, with an open world hub that lets you travel to locales like Nomanisan Island and Municiberg, with additional features such as “crime bosses” as you play through the hub world. As you complete additional areas of the world, you can start fighting crime in extended locations.

The campaign, however, will borrow from both movies and feature original content as well. The same familiar puzzle-solving, combat, and Lego-related building quests will be interspersed with other attacks and powers based on The Incredibles’ abilities to play into the family’s strengths. So while it’s going to largely be based on the Lego games you’re familiar with, it’ll be beefed up in the areas that count so it can feel more like an Incredibles-related adventure.

So if you’ve been jonesing for more of the superpowered family and more Lego games, this official reveal should keep you pretty excited, especially since you can go grab it the same day as you see the movie and take the magic of the family home with you.

Lego Incredibles Zooming Their Way to Consoles and PC This Year