“Incredibles 2” continues to soar.
Incredibles 2 is making a mockery of the box office. You would think Disney was satisfied with owning the box-office for most of the year (Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and let’s not forget Star Wars: The Last Jedi was still in theaters in January). It doesn’t look like their stranglehold on the box-office will cease anytime soon though. Their line-up for the rest of the year includes a Wreck-It Ralph sequel, a Marry Poppins sequel, and Christopher Robbins.

Incredibles 2 had a record-breaking opening weekend, raking in $180 million. Now, it is being projected that the animated film will cross the $500 million mark. Currently, Incredibles 2 is sitting at $693 million grossed globally. $485 million of that number can be attributed to domestic sales. According to The Wrap, Incredibles 2 will surpass $500 million domestically this weekend, making it the highest grossing animated film in the US. The top ten highest grossing domestic films do not currently feature any animated films, so if Incredibles 2 can crack $533 million, it will beat out Star Wars: Rogue One for the tenth spot. The first Incredibles film grossed $384 million (when adjusted for inflation), making the sequel more successful before it even leaves theaters. We can probably expect an Incredibles 3 some time in the future.