Do you want to download Minecraft? Looking for a way to download Minecraft for free? Well we got some good news for you. Yes, you can download Minecraft for absolutely free in your PC and have fun.

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox game across the globe. The game is trending in most parts of the planet. But the sad part is that the game is not available free download. But there is always a key for every lock. We will guide you the whole process so that you can download Minecraft for free in your PC.

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The full version of the game is a paid one. Hence you have to pay a certain amount to get full access to the official full version of Minecraft. If you are not willing to pay out any amount, you can easily get hands on the demo version of the game. Stay tuned and follow the following steps to download Minecraft in your PC for free

How To Download Minecraft for Free?

Minecraft is an adventure mining game and allows a lot of activities to the user. Each user will have a unique gaming experience than the other. The game is pretty customizable which allows you to roam around the virtual world, build unique and different 3D blocks. This addictive game comes with a lot of game modes. There are a lot of users confessed that they have downloaded the game for free. Well a few of them might be right. Follow the guide we are going to discuss.

  • Visit the official minecraft site which is
  • Change your url to and visit the page.
  • Find the download option, you will find java version for windows. Click to start downloading.
  • After the downloading is completed, install the file in your PC. After installation, you are ready to go.
  • Now you can play minecraft in your PC and have fun.

You Can’t Play Minecraft Without a Valid Account

Finally you have downloaded the game and ready to play. But wait what? You are not able to access the game? Sadly you can’t play the game without having a valid user account. You have to register via Mojang website providing a valid email for confirmation. Provide a unique username and password which will be used further while playing the game. Hence remember the details being provided. Without the valid username and password, you will not be able to access the game.

Source: Minecraft

In this article, we have discussed the most easiest and working method to download Minecraft for free and play it in PC. Do note that you will need a proper and valid account with username and password to play the game. We hope this article will help you out. Do let us know if this trick worked well for you and what were your experiences with the game? We look forward to help you in near future too. Till then keep mining!

How To Download Minecraft For Free