We all know that The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is easily one of the most beautiful games out there. Even three years after its initial release, it remains a visual triumph — and it leaves high hopes for what the development team is going to do next with Cyberpunk 2077.

But what if The Witcher III didn’t look so good? What if, for some god forsaken reason, someone decided to run it on the lowest graphics settings possible? Well, then you’d get a look at the ugly side of Geralt of Rivia that you didn’t expect to see.

Gamespot recently posted a new Potato Mode video that shows the hosts playing along to the hit CD Projekt Red releas, but with the worst graphics you could possibly imagine. Look at the initial screenshot of Geralt and you have a pretty good idea of how bad it’s going to get. We’re talking pop-ups all over the place in the environment; glitches galore; and so, so, so much more. It’s like a gloriously hilarious nightmare — or something along the lines of playing The Witcher IIIon the original PlayStation. Or Sega Saturn, maybe.

Hosts Joey Yee and “Witcher expert” Jake Decker are featured in the latest episode of the show, which is devoted to making good games look really, really bad. And boy, did they succeed here.

The clip starts out nicely enough on the high graphics settings; but about two minutes in, you’ll see Joey and Jake make an adjustment and suddenly turn the game into a polygonal mess. And then it gets running and suddenly you’ve got Geralt appearing in purple and dealing with some of the ugliest trees ever planted. The character interaction are also something else as you stare into the dead, dead eyes of the people that you’re conversing with. Also, that hair.

The team plays around with the visual options over the course of the video, but that doesn’t mean things get any better. In fact, they kind of get worse; this is especially true as you run through villages and realize how brown everything is. And then there’s getting to the love scene. No, we aren’t kidding.

Anyway, check out the video above, then rub your eyes and get back into the normal version of the game. It’ll be like a world of difference.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Here’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt On Its Lowest Graphics Settings, and It’s Insane