Stunning footage shows how thousands of Game of Thrones fanatics have painstakingly recreated the fantasy world of Westeros using Minecraft .

A video of the model, entitled WesterosCraft , includes some of the most iconic settings in the HBO hit show that have been built using the game.

Featured areas include Kings Landing, High Hermitage, Misty Isle, Castamere and Oldstones in the latest glimpse into the virtual world – where the first brick was laid in 2011.

Thousands of gamers have contributed their efforts free of charge to help construct WesterosCraft since the launch.

Iconic settings in the HBO show have been built in block form (Image: Westeroscraft)
Minecraft players starting building WesterosCraft in 2011 (Image: Westeroscraft)
The model is about 65 per cent completed (Image: Westeroscraft)
It is believed thousands of players have contributed to WesterosCraft (Image: Westeroscraft)

Eventually, the world will serve as the setting for a game to allow players to take part in their own Game of Thrones-style adventures.

It was reported GoT star Isaac Hempstead-Wright was so impressed with the large-scale model he contributed to a voiceover to promote WesterosCraft .

Minecraft resembles a Lego simulator and has become an internet phenomenon, with 100 million regular users.

Eventually the world will serve as the setting for a game to allow players to take part in their own adventures (Image: Westeroscraft)
Cities and places of interest have been recreated in the latest video (Image: Westeroscraft)
The hit HBO show is currently in its seventh season (Image: Westeroscraft)
A completion date has not been set on the project (Image: Westeroscraft)

It allows kids and child-like adults to build massive structures out of blocks, before uploading them so others can explore the creations.

According to its website, about 65 per cent of WesterosCraft has been completed.

Game of Thrones is currently part way through its seventh season.

Game of Thrones addicts recreate fantasy world Westeros in Minecraft six years after first brick was laid