Although a bit slowing as of late, the Fortnite effect is still very much in full swing and although the game’s contemporaries have long left the proverbial board, there’s still one name that can take Epic’s beast head on – Minecraft.
Epic recently revealed that Fortnite racked up almost 80 million players in a single month, which is truly a number to behold. Trudging along behind the hype scenes is Minecraft, which has more than 90 million monthly players.

Minecraft’s track record speaks for itself – the best selling PC game of all time and second best selling game ever, second only to Tetris, the mother of all best selling games ever. To be fair though, if someone could count the number of pirated Tetris games, we’d probably never even come close to that record but I digress.

Unlike Fortnite, Minecraft runs on everything and can be a pretty soothing experience, so it’s easy to see where the popularity comes from. Epic are trying something similar with the Playground mode and while it’s very fun, expecting it to mimic Minecraft would be a tall order.

Nevertheless, Fortnite is approaching 80 million fast and I wouldn’t put it past Epic to see this record broken by the end of the year. After all, the game’s frequent and flashy tournaments can actually change your life fortunes in a match, a carrot that Epic’s been dangling for a while now and to great success if I may add.

Minecraft’s fortunes are a bit mixed and the Story Mode will be the last thing the troubled Telltale Games will pull off before officially closing its doors. Not that it will affect the game though, as Minecraft is sure to trudge along for many a year more.

Epic GamesA glowing cube propping up an island in the air from FortniteFortnite: Battle Royale, Season 6

With many players enquiring as to the possibility of Minecraft 2, the game’s head honchos stressed that the community is growing ever closer and that the game is still where it needs to be. No need to change the winning formula we guess, especially if it runs on potatoes as well – fun doesn’t care.