It looks like Final Fantasy 15’s road-tripping boys have gotten a wee bit lost on their way to a wedding or a fight or a chocobo race. They’re so lost, in fact, that they’ve managed to drive right out of Eos and enter the considerably more blocky world of Minecraft. They’ve dragged some pals along, too, including those of the more monstrous persuasion.

Premium skin packs aren’t the most tempting of offers for a game that’s so customisable and already contains more player-made skins than you could hope to use, but you do admittedly get a fair amount of bang for your buck here. If you’ve got the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, you’ll be able to add Noctis and pals—all 43 skins—for a measly $2.99.

Honestly, the image of Prompto riding a pig has already sold me on this, and I don’t even play Minecraft these days. But if you’d rather use characters from other Final Fantasy games, there are plenty of free alternatives. There are some skins from 15 in there, too.

Final Fantasy 15’s Noctis and pals have come to Minecraft