For console and PC players

To get our challenges up and running, we’ve let “SeaPeeKay” have a go at this one already. He set a time of 4 minutes 20 seconds, but we know you can do better! Your task is to build the same castle as in our main picture. It must have four walls, four turrets with battlements, an opening to the castle with a portcullis, a water-filled moat and a wooden bridge. Your last act before the clock stops is to make the castle your own by placing a coloured banner (any colour will do) at the top of it.

Fastest time to build a rocket in Minecraft Survival mode
For console and PC players

To prepare for this one, create a superflat world in Creative mode, then stack blocks of ice into a tower until the coordinate readout says Y: 50 – this is the point your rocket has to reach.

Break all the blocks (except the one at Y: 50), fill your hotbar only with the material for your rocket, then switch to Survival mode. Start timing and build a rocket of any design (the one pictured is just an example). With the rocket built, get in and launch it. Stop the clock after you reach the ice block and break it with your fist.

Fastest time to saddle and stable 10 horses in Minecraft Survival mode
For console and PC players

Howdy, pardners! Before you can channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl, you’ll need to prepare. To start with, create an enclosure of 50 x 20 blocks. Use fence blocks at the four corners of the enclosure and create a fence gate wall every 12 blocks (to create three jumps). Finish the structure by building 10 stables at one end of it.

Next, spawn 10 horses and tame them using golden apples. Once that’s done, empty your inventory of everything except for 10 saddles and then switch to Survival mode. Start the clock, grab the first horse and bring it back to your stable – leaping the three fences as you go. The clock stops once all of your horses have been stabled.

astest time to build an igloo in Minecraft Survival mode
For console players only

Before you build your very own igloo, you’ll need to create a superflat world with layers of snow, oak wood, cobblestone, coal ore, white wool, black wool and bedrock (make sure you create them in that order). Once you’re done, load the world in Survival mode. Then, with the clock ticking, mine the necessary resources to create your igloo, which must include a bed, a crafting table, a furnace and four torches.

Your igloo must be 7 blocks wide x 5 deep x 4 high. Once it’s built, cover the floor with black carpet and add the bed, crafting table, furnace and torches.

How to attempt the records
If you think you’ve set a new record, you’ll need to submit your evidence to Twin Galaxies.

Once registered, follow the steps to upload your attempt under the relevant challenge, making sure you detail significant moments in your video (e.g. time stamps for when the attempt starts and finishes).

Please make sure direct capture footage is uploaded as that is required for evidence review, however you can support that with other videos such as Twitch stream links and photos.

Then sit back and relax while the Twin Galaxies community will now adjudicate your record attempt. Keep checking the challenges leaderboards to see how the adjudication is getting on and to see if you could potentially be a record holder!

There’s also more detailed information about how the Twin Galaxies process works.

Good luck!