With Fallout: New California, New York, Miami, and the incredible Fallout 4: New Vegas projects coming down the pipeline, it’s easy to see why there is so much excitement regarding these incredibly impressive feats. These ambitious fan projects continue to make headway to completion and into the hands of gamers.

With Fallout: New California, it’s ready to rock and will be rolling out this October! But just because we have a release date doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to be done and in this instance, it’s a few “minor game breaks” that the team addressed in their latest developer update.

“We did uncover a couple minor game breaks that just required switching the integer on a result from 3 to 5 and two issues where the objective was unclear at the very last battle,” began their most recent update.

“Normally the objective of a battle is to just shoot the bad guy til they die. This time the bad guys (plural, possibly 4 bad guys if you’re really crazy and/or bad at lying) heal themselves faster than you can kill them. Your goal is to knock them off a spiral staircase under the jets of an awaiting nuclear missile.”

They added, “Because this is the final end of the mod only a few people have tested this, and it turns out I didn’t communicate that objective very well. New Vegas’s engine has a hard time dealing with routine game mechanics like, say, GRAVITY, so we worked out some bugs around these npcs teleporting around the map if they get up while falling and so on.

You can use a gun that pushes them like a street sweeper and deals absurd damage, or you can use a knockdown based weapon, or kill them and drag their bodies (using Z key) before they heal and wake up.”

The plan for the next week is to create a workaround for these recently revealed issues, which is perfect as they are still looking for a few more female voice actresses before the final project launches.

To read the entire tale of development, you can see the full post right here! As for the mod itself, it goes live this October 23 before it’s locked in for good in December!

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