Echogear is a display-mounting company that’s attempting to increase its presence in the gaming market. PC gaming hobbyists tend to put a significant amount of money into getting the most from their rigs, and that has led to a spike in the number of gaming keyboards, USB microphones, webcams, and other peripheral products. That has also led to innovation in these spaces, and I think that Echogear could spark something similar for PC monitor mounts.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with the Echogear Triple Monitor Desk Mount, which is shipping now for $150. It features a sturdy, clamp-style design that can support up to three displays between 10 inches and 24 inches in size. Once I was able to track down three monitors for testing, I was surprised at how easy the Echogear mount was to set up. The contraption makes it simple to line up each monitor for that wrap-around sensation.

And of course, the mount has saved some of my desk space, which might make it worth $150 alone.

What you’ll like
Easy to assemble and to secure

As a three-monitor mount, the Echogear is necessarily large and heavy when it arrives. That’s because of the aluminum parts that make up the vertical stand and the mounting spine. Getting these pieces into place is a simple process. You just need to put the clamp on the back of your desk, insert and secure the stand, and then slide the spine into place.

Echogear ships the mount with everything you need except for a standard screwdriver, and I was shocked when I finished building 10 minutes after I started. I was also happy with heavy-duty look and feel of the final product. The mount never wobbles thanks to the high-quality clamp, and between that and the aluminum, I never worried that the Echogear device drop my monitors.

Painless to adjust with great cable management.

You’ll need monitors with VESA-compliant mounting brackets on the back. If you have that, getting them installed onto the Echogear is a breeze. Once they are all hooked up, you can start the fun process of setting the height, and adjusting the angle and positioning to best fit your setup.

And this is where the Echogear shines. On the unit where the monitors meet the mount, you will find two large dials. One locks and/or loosens the cone-like device that enables you to shift the angle and positioning of the monitor. Tighten this dial 100 percent, and you will lock the monitor’s angle in place. Loosen it a little bit, and you can shift it slowly, turn it on its side for a vertical orientation, and then adjust it back later when you’re ready to hop into your flight simulator. The Echogear does everything to make things simple without losing that sense of wobble-free security.

The second dial, which is just behind the front dial, enables you to slide the monitor on the spine. What you’ll like want to do here is loosen each dial just a touch, and then try to get everything arranged side-by-side at the correct angle. This mount makes that process easy, and you can tinker with it throughout your day without having to break out any tools or feel like it’s too much work to get back to your default position.

What you won’t like
You won’t have a lot of options about where it fits

The only issue I see is that you probably have to work backward from the Echogear mount when setting up your desk. This is a large mount, and it’s even larger when it has all of the monitors in place, and it’s going to fit where it fits. If you had your previous displays set in a corner, well, the Triple Monitor Desk Mount probably won’t fit in that spot.

For me, I put the mount in the one spot on my desk where it made the most sense. That just meant I had to rearrange everything else. This isn’t exactly a problem with the mount itself, but it’s important to remember that you are making more space on your desk by taking up more space in the air above your work area. That means you must think a bit more three-dimensionally when it comes to how you put together your office.

If you are running two or more monitors on a desk, a mount like this can help you reclaim a lot of your desk space and prevent clutter. What the Echogear does in particular is keep the mounting process from introducing new headaches. It’s so easy in both the set up and in everyday use that it’s easy to recommend.

The triple-monitor desk mount is available now for $150. Echogear provided a sample unit for the purpose of this review.