Earth Day gives us the chance to look back at our home and reflect on how we have treated dear Mother Earth over the year. It also means we get a bunch of really cool special events to tide us over!

For starters, Minecraft has partnered with United for Life to create the We Are The Rangers special lessons for MinecraftEducation–a special edition devoted to bringing Minecraft to the classroom and promoting education. The new partnership will create a world that takes place in a ranger station, a shipping port, and a DNA lab to teach students about the science of animal conservation.

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We also have a special live event from Pokemon Go promoting players to pick up trash in partnership with Playmob and local NGOs. Hopefully, this live event will go over better than previous ones.

Players will receive rewards for working with the local non-profit in cleanup events around their neighborhoods and the joy of a job well done. You can check out what events are near you by checking out the website here.

Rewards include:

  • 1,500 players cleaning up trash:
    • Unlock 2x Stardust when catching Ground-, Water-, and Grass-type Pokémon
  • 3,000 players cleaning up trash:
    • Unlock 3x Stardust when catching Ground-, Water-, and Grass-type Pokémon

Finally rounding up our group of Earth Day events comes from puzzle-RPG mobile game Legendary Game of Heroes, which launched a Slayer event in which proceeds will be donated to Rainforest Trust. The event is wrapping up today and has succeeded in raising its $75,000 donation goal, but there’s still time to log on and obtain event exclusive rewards, catalysts and heroes.

That’s about it for this roundup of notable recent Earth-y events. There are plenty other games doling out some Earth Day rewards in addition to these, so be sure to check out your favorite games for any special events and rewards!

Earth Day Special Events Abound with Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and More