The latest Nintendo Direct has offered up some real surprises but the biggest ones are from Bethesda, not Nintendo…

After having already announced Skryim for Switch, publishers Bethesda are going all in with their support for Nintendo’s console, with ports of both Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Doom is out this year and seems to be the secret game that Bethesda were hinting at earlier in the week. A snippet of footage was shown during the Nintendo Direct, and while it seems to be simplified from the original versions it still looks impressive.

Since Doom does run well on less powerful PCs it’s appearance on Switch isn’t as strange as it first seems (the original Doom was also released on the SNES and N64). The real shocker though is Wolfenstein II, which is a state-of-the-art next gen game that is just about the last game you’d expect to be announced for the console.

Bethesda announced a release date for Skyrim on Switch of November 17, but Wolfenstein II won’t be released until 2018 – sometime after the other consoles and PC.

The majority of the Nintendo Direct was focused on Switch and 3DS games being released this year, so there were relatively few other surprises.

One exception though was Minecraft for New 3DS (so not the older models), not least because it’s available right now on the eShop, with a retail version to follow later. Or at least it’s supposed to be available today, as of 9.30am it’s still not on the UK store.

Nintendo also announced Snipperclips Plus for Switch, which will add more than 30 new stages and new ways to play the existing ones. It’ll be available either as a new standalone version or you can buy the new content as DLC.

Another oddity was the Arcade Archives range of coin-op ports, starting with Vs. Mario Bros. Back in the ‘90s Nintendo released slightly altered versions of many of their classic NES games in arcades, but there seems no obvious reason why they should suddenly dredge them up now.

The promise of a brand new Square Enix game for Switch turned out to be the previously teased Octopath Traveler, an old school Japanese role-player with an unusual graphical style that’s being dubbed HD-2D. There’s a demo out today, so we advise giving it a go to check out the visuals at least.

Nintendo’s two biggest first party titles for Christmas were reconfirmed as Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which was looking very hardcore anime, and Super Mario Odyssey – which looked as amazing as usual.

Nintendo also revealed a hardware bundle with the Switch, a digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey, two red Joy-Cons, and a special carry case. They didn’t announce a price, but we doubt it’s any cheaper than buying the game and console separately.

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Doom and Wolfenstein II coming to Nintendo Switch, Minecraft on New 3DS