Publisher: Playful Corporation Developer: Playful Corporation Platform: Steam Release Date: May 8, 2017

Playful Corporation’s Creativerse is something like a free-to-play Minecraft. There is a premium version of the game, but we’ll talk mostly about the base game. Because that’s going to be the big draw: it’s a free game that allows you to build out of 64-bit blocks, however the characters and many of the structures have more realistic versions.

So if you want to enjoy Minecraft, but you don’t want to pay for it, well. Here’s your chance. And it’s a pretty damn good one. The game’s controls are pretty intuitive, and most of the objects you need you can find by digging or from the plant and animal life around you. Much like the game it’s based on, you don’t have too much interaction with NPCs or anything in the way of quests, but that’s kind of the beauty of both games.

They are each as simple as they appear, and there’s something kind of refreshingly honest about that.

One of the only major flaws I can find in Creativerse are that it becomes a little bit, well, redundant after a while. And that, perhaps, the base materials are too easy to come by. The crafting mechanism is more complex than Minecraft‘s and takes quite a deal longer, which gives you more appreciation for crafting, but also gets to be a bit of a time sink.

There isn’t a whole lot of variety in many of the blocs that are available in the free version, which can be a source of irritation. And because you have to do things by yourself, it can get to be a bit of a grind. But if you don’t mind grinding for materials, that’s perfect, because you’ll be doing it a lot.

Honestly, if you just want to build things, I have to say I prefer Creativerse over Minecraft. Because first, Creativerse does not make my eyes want to shriek with fury over the graphics, and second, because it’s free.

Like in Minecraft, there are multiple worlds you can explore, but you don’t exactly play with other players. And the lack of the social aspect can be a drawback for a lot of people.

I absolutely recommend you play the free version of the game, before considering if you want to keep playing with limited blocks before deciding if you want to go with the pro version, which nets you different block varieties, more backpack space, a flashlight, and the glider, which makes travel infinitely easier.

While I don’t have too many serious complaints about the game, I also don’t have anything to really rave about. It’s a solid game, and definitely an enjoyable way to spend a weekend, but there’s nothing here that makes this game a “must play” unless you don’t own Minecraft already. As someone who has never been too dedicated to Minecraft, I find that I prefer Creativerse, but I also can’t make this game into something it isn’t.

It’s a F2P Minecraft clone and so has all the limitations of being a Minecraft clone.

Creativerse Review: It May Be Free To Play, But It’s Still A Better Minecraft