Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, the essence is advice on strategy. You don’t have to be a new player to learn, nor do you have to be an expert and to know everything. Crashing your enemies on your next mission will be easier with these quick Clash of Clans tips, so the battlefield may be perfect.

Choose wise targets
When you go to attack, it’s very important to ask for as little resources as possible and to steal as many as possible in Clash of Clans. Theoretically, this would be possible to accomplish relatively comfortably with a few hordes of archers, barbarians and goblins. Practically, it becomes very difficult because of mortars, the most dangerous “splash” type of defensive that ravages in the hijacking hordes. The secret is that using Lightning Spell with 4+ upgrades, you can easily escape from level 4-5 mortars, providing a break in the direction of attack of predator hordes. The success of a farming raid is much more likely in this case, with minimal consumption of resources.

2. A strong army camp is a key
In general, you have a whole day before the war begins. During this waiting period, learn the battlefield, arrange the army and upgrade your air defense. If the walls are low, go for the battlefields. Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the target group before launching an attack.

3. Understand the idea of losing
Probably you’ve met many players in the game who have the Town Hall exposed, unprotected by walls or other defensive means. You have probably thought that there is no reasonable reason to leave Town Hall exposed to vandals, especially since, if it is destroyed, the struggle is lost. Wrong. This is a smart way of losing and fast moving into the game.

There are several reasons, but most importantly, whenever someone attacks you and destroys you, you will get at least one shield for 12 hours. In this way, regardless of the value of the attack you receive, you assure a relatively permanent shield, which in fact leads to the protection of the production of resources (elixir, gold), thus to development. Use this to create your advantage. Surround the Town Hall with traps (bombs, hoods, and tesla), discouraging the attack plan from the start.