9 cool bikes if you’re looking for an upgrade:

#1 Manta5 is a hydrofoil water bike. It uses the same technology used by sailboats to help you cut through water with ease.

#2 Sno-Go is for a different type of terrain. This easy-to-use bike combines skiing and cycling. 

#3 This vertical bicycle offers an alternative to the elevator. Vycle is a good workout that doesn’t require much effort.

#4 Don’t have the cash for an electric bike? The GeoOrbital Wheel makes your bike an electric one. 

#5 This bike looks more like an electric car. The ELF bike is powered by both pedaling and the sun. 

#6 Twicycle has moving handlebars. It gives both your arms AND legs a workout. 

#7 The Cardigo bike provides an even more complex workout. Just turn the knob and push and pull the handlebar while you ride. 

#8 (Snowboard bike): You ride this bike sideways. It works on a front and back balance like a snowboard.

#9 It looks like a scooter, but it’s actually a bike without a seat. Halfbike fills the gap between riding a bicycle and running. 

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