Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Switch was shown off in recent livestream by Microsoft.

The livestream for Minecraft Bedrock Edition shows around two hours worth of footage on Switch.

Free for Switch users who own Minecraft, Bedrock adds the Better Together Update for the console, which is currently available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile.

According to the developers on stream, the update is close to being finished, as the team is currently working on “quality improvements.”

In the livestream, per Eurogamer, it’s acknowledged the Xbox version of the Bedrock could have “cooked a little longer” and because of this the team is taking extra time with the Switch version.

“[The team] is taking a lot of extra care, trying to make sure that this launch is really smooth, that the world conversion system works really well for people, and that migrating over from Editions is an easy transition for you to make,” said Bedrock producer Justin Woods.

Upon release, Bedrock Edition will load 14 chunks of the game world at a time to the Switch version. This includes handheld mode as well, which currently only has six chunks. Load time is also faster and with a fade-in transition and features improved draw distance.

When Bedrock Edition releases, it’s noted in the stream players will need a Microsoft account to play online with others on different platforms, but not with Switch players. The Better Together cross-platform play is currently available on Xbox, Windows 10 and mobile.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition doesn’t have a release date for Switch other than “soon”. Give the stream a watch above to check out the Switch version of the update.

As of December 2017, Minecraft has over 75 million monthly active users and has sold over 144 million copies across all platforms.

Check out almost two hours of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Switch