By the time Link wakes up in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Castle has already been partially destroyed, thanks to the work of Calamity Ganon a hundred years prior. Recently, players have set about restoring the castle in Minecraft.

Nintendo highlighted the project today over on the company’s Japanese website along with a video showing some of the incredible detail that went into creating the castle and a brief interview with one of the people behind it. While the exterior shots help show the scale of the castle, the interior shots demonstrate just how much painstaking work went into every little feature, from the grand arches of the central hall to the floating plants in the multi-floor library.

It was all done by members of the Minecraft Partner Program group Team Kyo, who told Nintendo that they began by first looking at promotional screenshots of the castle as it appeared prior to Calamity Ganon’s arrival. Based on those images, they laid out the entire design ahead of time in one-block increments. It then took 13 people working for approximately two months to realize that vision within the game.

Some players had previously hoped we might get to explore Hyrule Castle prior to its collapse in one of Breath of the Wild’s DLCs, but sadly, that hasn’t happened. Team Kyo’s latest creation might be as close as some players get to experiencing its original grandeur, at least if it becomes available on the Minecraft Marketplace at some point.