Ricky is at the home of Minecraft in Stockholm, Sweden, to find out what goes into making one of the most popular computer games of all time!

Minecraft was first created in 2009 and later released by the Swedish games company Mojang. Since then, it’s sold more than a massive 120 million copies around the world.

Even though American tech giants Microsoft bought Mojang in 2014, Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm is still the home of Minecraft. It’s where the teams who make the game work.

But it’s not all fun and games – many of you have told us about the problems you have with bullying in Minecraft, or ‘griefing’. What are the people who make the game doing to keep you safe?

Ricky got an exclusive look around the game’s HQ…

Your Minecraft questions

Minecraft’s Jeb answers your questions

One person who’s worked there since the early days of Minecraft is Jens ‘Jeb’ Bergensten. He’s the man in charge of what’s in the game and how it looks.

So who better to answer YOUR questions about Minecraft?

Working in the gaming industry

How to game your way into a job

If you love gaming, the idea of working for a company that makes games might sound like a brilliant idea.

But what does it really involve, and what can you do now to help yourself when you’re older and wanting to get a job?

Lydia Winters works for Minecraft and here are her top tips…

Behind the scenes at Minecraft HQ