A Minecraft player in Taiwan has attracted the local community of the popular sandbox video game after recreating his high school alma mater because he was missing it badly.

The physical school

The player, a member of Taiwanese online network Dcard, started reproducing New Taipei Municipal Panchiao Senior High School in his first year of university and has now been building it for two years.

The virtual school

The player has recreated the school’s administrative building, library, swimming pool and campus in great detail, Taiwan News reported.

The administrative building

The library’s second floor

The swimming pool

With the help of his friends’ photos and Google Maps, he started with the school’s athletics field and surrounding buildings before constructing the main buildings.

The athletics field

The museum

The library entrance

He also had to visit the school to take photos and build the structures in better detail.

A normal classroom

A computer classroom

A small lecture hall

While the player acknowledged that there are still unfinished classrooms, walls and other areas, he still received praise for the impressive details that captured the actual look of the school, including drinking fountains, CNA noted.

The school facade

He is uncertain about when everything will be finished, but he hopes to incorporate a mystery plot and adventure map within the campus in the future.

Watch the video below for more details:

Badass Taiwanese Gamer Recreates His Entire High School on Minecraft