Don’t make Winston angry, or he’ll knock you out of the space station and into the depths of low gravity on Overwatch’s new map, Horizon Lunar Colony.

That’s exactly what Australian national Overwatch team tank Ashley “Trill” Powell, playing Winston, tried to do to Italy’s Tracer player in the map’s low gravity area during their Overwatch World Cup group stage match. But in space—as the commentator jokes—no one can hear you scream: And that worked in Italy’s advantage. Trill managed to knock Italy’s Tracer out the space colony’s doors and into the edges of the low gravity area, but her Blink ability was enough to pull her back to safety.

From there, all Winston could do was wave.

While most of Italy and Australia’s Overwatch players were fighting on the point, Winston got caught outside when backup—Italy’s Solider: 76—came in to relieve Tracer. By then, Trill accepted his fate and tumbled into the abyss.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the low gravity area in a professional Overwatch tournament, though. In June, LuxuryWatch Red used the low gravity area to get closer to the capture point without taking fire from Meta Bellum during OGN Overwatch Apex’s Challenger Series.

And it worked. Using the unconventional flank, LW Red was able to capture the first point on Horizon Lunar Colony within seconds.

But moving back to the Overwatch World Cup, it wasn’t all bad for Australia. The Horizon Lunar Colony space mishap was not indicative of Australia’s overall play in Group C. Even without Trill, Australia managed to hold Italy on Horizon Lunar Colony’s first point to secure another point. Australia kicked off its home turf Overwatch World Cup debut with a massive showing, taking all four points on the first day of group play. Australia now leads Group C, followed by Sweden, Portugal, and Italy.

Over in Group D, Finland leads with a 4-0 record, followed by Japan, who upset Spain in a 3-1 series. A team full of players mostly unknown to an international scene, many expected Spain—which is packed with professional and former professional players—to perform better. Spain sits in third, with Vietnam rounding out Group D in fourth.

Overwatch World Cup Sydney begins again at 8pm ET on July 21. (That’s 10am AEST on July 22 for those local to Australia.) Sweden will take on Italy first, followed by Australia versus Portugal, Finland versus Spain, and Japan versus Vietnam. You’ll be able to catch all the action on the Overwatch Twitch stream.

Australia learns that low gravity isn’t the best place to fight in the Overwatch World Cup