After the most recent patches were released a couple of days ago in the form of Title Update 54 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Title Update 44 for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, it seems that a few issues were also unleashed after gamers downloaded the updates to eagerly earn the newly added achievements. Mojang has not wasted any time in getting the issues fixed as Title Update 45 for the Xbox One, and Title Update 55 for the Xbox 360, have both gone live.


These two new patches will hopefully rid Minecraft of the new problems that had been discovered. Take a look at the short list, which is the same for both versions, to see what issues have been resolved:

  • Fix for issue causing the loss of Shulker Box contents on loading from a previous save.
  • Fix for Empty Bucket not being returned to inventory after crafting a Cake.
  • Fix for Furnaces not leaving an Empty Bucket after using a Lava Bucket as fuel.
  • Fix for efficiency enchantments on tools not working correctly.
  • Fix for pistons not extending when the piston above them extends.
  • Fix for Horse armour not appearing on horses that don’t have markings.
  • Fix for Pistons no longer being available in the Crafting menu.
  • Fix for observers outputting constant power if they can detect changes from another observer.

Load up Minecraft, download the new update and see if it has been made a little bit more trouble-free to earn the new achievements.

Another Set of Minecraft Updates Released