Bloomberg reports today that Amazon is reportedly working on a new device that’ll record live TV with the goal of letting users play content back on their phones later. The device, which is internally called “Frank,” would have physical storage and connect to Fire TV boxes. It’d rely on the same wireless technology that allows Amazon’s Echo speakers to pair with those boxes. Bloomberg’s source says the product isn’t official yet and might not roll out.

Additionally, the company reportedly plans to update its Fire TV stick with new software and is also exploring the possibility of expanding its Fire TV software and video content to outside TV makers, beyond its current manufacturing partners. This would be similar to Roku’s efforts that have its interface being used across TVs from multiple makers.

Overall, it sounds like Amazon is brainstorming ideas for how it can totally own the living room space and compete even more directly with Tivo and Roku. It’s also gunning for content makers, like Netflix and HBO, with exclusive shows and movies. All its devices point to wanting to create a full setup for users, from the TV itself, to the DVR, to the content.