Memes with Toto’s hit “Africa” are all the rage right now and Minecraft player and Youtube user grande1899’s latest video is the cherry on the cake. It’s just under three minutes long, so short enough for you to have a quick sing along wherever you are.

Dr. Grandayy 🏥
I finally made Africa by Toto with Minecraft note blocks
Watch the full version on my note block channel ⬇️ …
(yes it’s a bubble upload today!)

5:40 AM – Sep 5, 2018
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The creator described the making of the video as:

“I made it all by ear using only note block sounds. The audio in the video is not the exact in-game audio as due to Minecraft’s limitations the in-game version doesn’t sound as good. The video is also sped up so the tempo is the same as the original song. The note block structure was generated using Minecraft Note Block Studio.”

Fans of the account are happy to see this latest edition to grande1899’s repertoire as they’ve covered everything from Dua Lipa to John Cena’s entrance music.