Oh my glob! Minecraft is coming to Adventure Time in an extra-geeky episode.

Cartoon Network unveiled the first official clip on June 15 from the upcoming episode Diamonds and Lemons, for fans to glimpse their favorite Adventure Time characters reimagined in a blocky Minecraft-esque format.

The surreal animated show features Jake the dog and Finn the human who live in the mythical land of Ooo, along with Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King, BMO the video game console and others.

In the clip we see blocky versions of Finn, Princess Bubblegum and half demon, half human Marceline Abadeer, collect gems and other items in a Minecraft type of game.

The episode is set to air July 20 on Cartoon Network. Plus Funko toy company is releasing Adventure Time x Minecraft collectible figures from its Pop! Vinyl line, also in July.

The popular animated show Adventure Time is set to end sometime in 2018.