Waking up in a beautiful forest you find yourself in the midst of an adventure, suddenly having to decide whether to journey into the village or continue exploring through the trees.

Every path begins as such, allowing readers to choose the way the story unfolds — will you craft your own mansion, change forces and become evil or venture into the mysterious village.

Alongside the thrill of your average 9-year-old activities such as soccer and nerf wars, Luke Reynolds has a passion for writing. The fourth grade Unity Christian School student has already accepted awards for his writing abilities, receiving the “scribe” award — given to students for outstanding writing skills, at the end of his third grade year.

“I knew he had talent but was more than impressed when the words and ideas never quit flowing during the writing process” said Luke’s dad Jamie Reynolds. “Ninety percent of the story came straight from Luke’s mind through my fingers to the page.”

Jamie Reynolds teaches English and language arts at an elementary school and over the last two summers the two have combined forces to write an unofficial Minecraft book.

The book, “Griefers, Creepers, and Swords”, consists of 150 pages of freedom that allows readers to form their own paths based in the game Minecraft.

Created in 2009, Minecraft is known as the game of no rules and creativity — allowing players to build and explore however they want with a variety of blocks and survival tactics.

It’s similar to a choose your own adventure book Kimberly Reynolds, Luke’s mother, said. Readers are able to decide their adventure by selecting which path they want to take as they read through the story. At the end of various situations, the reader selects what they want to happen next and the book directs them to the page they need to turn to in order to continue their journey.

While no severe writer’s blocks occurred throughout the writing, the two expressed the challenge of going back to school between the two summers. They encountered a rough time coming back and figuring out where to continue the book.

Luke said he hopes to write at least four more books continuing the pick your own path style. After completing the Minecraft series he hopes to continue writing about games as well as whatever genre he’s into at the time.

Luke and Jamie hope to continue growing their fanbase. Along with their book “Griefers, Creepers, and Swords”, the two have created a website, minecraftbooks.us, involving a blog, exclusive videos, a newsletter and a biography on the two, as well as a youtube gaming channel.

Their youtube channel, Unofficial Minecraft Books: Pick Your Path Series, allows viewers to watch segments of the book writing experience and a tour of Luke’s own Minecraft world.

Readers and minecraft enthusiasts can purchase “Griefers, Creepers, and Swords” at the Last Stop Gift Shop inside the Rome-Floyd visitor’s center as well as Amazon. The book can also be purchased at local arts and crafts fairs.

9-year-old publishes a Minecraft adventure book