The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Role playing games (RPGs) are already known for requiring large amounts of time to complete them. Usually, most people wouldn’t give an RPG the time of day if it doesn’t exceed 20+ hours. But once in a millennium, gamers are graced with a game that exceeds all expectations by completely dominating their every moment. One such game was released in 2011 under the title The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Skyrim has managed to become one of those games people just can’t put down. It’s open ended structure, and non-stop flow of quests enthralled almost everyone who took the time to play it. To make matters even more dire, mods happen to be a thing on PC. If you look at Skyrim now with a few mods in effect, it becomes a totally different game. New areas, races, abilities and so much more have been created to expand upon the game Bethesda built all those moons ago.

This game still manages to draw hours of playtime out of fans with every new addition. Bethesda managed to build a beautiful huge world with a magnificent lore that has managed to create a truly amazing time sink. After trying it out for yourself, you may find out first-hand just why this game steals your hours, but you can be rest assured that you won’t regret it.


Minecraft is one of those games that exploded into popularity seemingly out of nowhere. This game that allows you to build almost anything you can imagine in a magical world has accrued millions of fans. It’s hard to look on YouTube and not trip over 100 videos of individuals playing this game. There is just something about the game that causes people to sink hours upon hours into its blocky goodness.

Maybe it’s the randomly generated open world that draws people in. Perhaps it’s the feeling of figuring out how to build that one thing that nobody else can build that keeps gamers coming back to scratch that itch. Or maybe it’s the fact that Minecraft can be played on almost every platform available. You have a PC, home console, handheld, or smart phone? Chances are if you do you have the ability to play this time consuming game.

Whether you’re sitting at your desk or on the porcelain throne, you can pour hours into building your castle for no real reason other than pure fun.


Multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) are those games a large group of gamers just can’t quite put their finger on. It’s not that the fun component of the game is confusing, after all, everyone knows that competition is fun. And it’s not the characters that puzzle people. Some use heroes while others place you into the sandals of ancient deities in order to wreak havoc upon your opponents. It just might be that each match can be relatively short and the games are pretty repetitious.

But, since when did repetition mean that something can’t be fun and devour all of your precious hours? MOBAs may have a pretty set-in-stone formula but they can be highly addictive once you get the hang of them. Heck, even the Twinfinite team has found itself in the clutches of Smite as each match leads to the desire of more god vs. god mayhem. The game just grabs all of your attention with its simple to learn but difficult to master mechanics.

While many are still trying to figure just why MOBAs became such a time sink millions of others are currently devoting large portions of their days to this game phenomenon.


Simulations are an odd bunch. That’s not to say that the games are bad in any way, mind you. They are often very detailed and provide realistic mechanics that you just can’t help but marvel at. The thing is that most popular simulations are pretty mundane things that you could possibly do in your real life, but that has never stopped anyone from pursuing one of the many sims available to gamers.

For instance, take a look at Euro Truck Simulator. You will spend tons of hours in this game just following the laws of the road. The beautiful farm land and architecture you may pass during your travels are just an added bonus to the endless driving you will do. If you take a look at The Sims you will notice a similar situation, all you do is live… literally. You get a job, you develop relationships, eat, sleep, and many other everyday activities.

There is just something about watching simple things unfold in the virtual world that creates one of the ultimate time sinks. Will you live to 100 years old in The Sims? Will you make it to your destination in Euro Truck Simulator? The only way to ever know is to pay in hours of your time.


The massively multiplayer online game (MMO) is one of the original time sinks in gaming. Create your avatar, choose your path, and set off in huge worlds with tons of monsters to defeat. Join a clan to make new friends, or even make one yourself. Choose to become the strongest in the world or max out your level without ever harming a single soul. These games throw you into entirely new worlds where you can make a name for yourself.

Being able to accomplish amazing feats with friends and strangers alike is an amazing thing. Whether it’s slaying a powerful dragon, or just gathering tons of people to do silly things it’s easy to see the appeal of MMOs. Losing hours of time playing a game with people from all over the world is one of the best things gaming has to offer. MMOs might be a time sink, but they are definitely one that’s well worth the sacrifice.

Grand Theft Auto IV on PC

You may have looked at the title of this section and wondered why only the PC version of this huge franchise was singled out. Everyone knows that Grand Theft Auto is one of the best selling franchises in gaming and gamers on all platforms sink tons of time into any game in the series. And you’d be 100% correct in saying that Grand Theft Auto IV could be considered a time sink on any of the other platforms it was made available on. But none of the other versions have the replay value that the PC release has.

One thing this game has on PC that puts it above the rest is mod support. You can put almost anything into Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. Wanna play as a horse driving a Mercedes Benz? Go right ahead. How about as one of your favorite superheroes so you can fly around Liberty City ruining the lives of it’s many citizens? You can do it all at the expense of your productive hours.

Grand Theft Auto IV manages to transcend the addiction that surrounds the game on consoles by become an even greater time sink on PC. If you need someone to thank just look to the individuals who spend lots of time making super creative mods.

Are there any games that you find yourself spending tons of time playing? Feel free to share.