Minecraft may look simple, but beneath its plain exterior lies an interesting game with endless creative options. However, Minecraft isn’t just a building game. Players can explore intricate mines and battle against spiders, skeletons, zombies, or all three — which can be strangely exhilarating. But nothing lasts forever, especially games. So, once you’ve become a Minecraft god, what’s the next game you should conquer? Well, we have some suggestions for you. Here are five Minecraft-like games you can play right now.

The creative alternative everyone wanted.
Roblox not only looks and feels like Minecraft, it also allows you to build an entire world from the ground up. The popular MMO game boasts an in-depth and intricate design system that allows players to immerse themselves in someone else’s creation or vice versa.

The kinds of worlds players can create range from wild pirate islands to bustling cities. And with endless items to place in each environment, the only thing limiting players is their own imagination. Building your own kingdom, beach, or city in Roblox is sure to scratch that creative itch that Minecraft left behind.


Minecraft‘s survival mode can get very scary and intense, especially when your character is starving. Now, imagine an entire game built around this concept that has players fight and build shelter, tools, and fire to survive. That’s where The Forest, the Minecraft-like horror game that no one asked for but everyone loved, comes in.

With its realistic, Gothic aesthetic, The Forest pushes Minecraft‘s survival mode even further, resulting in a more bone-chilling experience. In Minecraft, enemies just kill you. However, in The Forest, enemies will knock you out and drag you into their dark underground lair where countless creature lie in wait, ready to pounce. Adrenaline junkies should definitely give The Forest a try. Just make a point to keep close to the fire and have a crafted weapon ready.


The same look and feel — but with minions.
Terasology‘s design is near identical to Minecraft‘s. It also similarly allows players to craft, build, and mine. But Terasology has a lot to offer players that Minecraft doesn’t, such as a more realistically rendered landscape, an environment that can change over time, and even the ability to create loyal minions.

The villager NPCs in Minecraft are interesting and good for trading, but not much help in a fight. They just run around grunting or get turned into zombies. This isn’t the case in Terasology, where NPCs can be spawned from your toolbar. These NPCs can take inventory, mine blocks, build their own societies, and trade with you. This is definitely the game for those who love control but want their creations to lighten their workload.


Mining and farming are some of the most important and interesting parts of playing Minecraft. Mining helps you improve your tools, while farming allows you to live on the land. While smaller in scope, Stardew Valley also allows you to care for your own farm and mine to upgrade your tools.

Unlike Minecraft, where you can only trade with villager NPCs, the RPG-style Stardew Valley allows you to cultivate and deepen relationships with characters in the town, which can lead to friendships and even a romantic relationship. Being able to take an interest in the in-game community, creates a more immersive experience for players than what’s found in Minecraft. Everyone has wanted to knock off the grunting villagers in Minecraft at some point in time, but in Stardew Valley, you won’t be able to get enough of the game’s interesting and engaging little community.


Who doesn’t want to give ‘Minecraft’ in space a go?
The beginning of Starbound sees you fleeing from your home. Eventually, you find yourself stuck on a planet where you are forced to explore, construct, and collect resources to escape. The game aesthetically resembles Stardew, boasting the same RPG gaming style. But Minecraft fans will love the game’s creative crafting mechanic and intense survival mode.

A more story-driven game than Minecraft, Starbound doesn’t limit what players can achieve or create. Players can shape their own future — whether that be as a farmer or an intergalactic estate agent. There are also plenty of opportunities for players to become battle-tested through boss fights and fun and challenging dungeon runs. There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing yourself in the dark depths of a jungle in an attempt to claim the treasures within.