Guinness World Records took Philadelphia Minefaire by storm the weekend of 13-14 October, offering live Minecraft record-breaking for attendees of all ages.

We partnered with Minefaire, the #1 Minecraft convention in the USA, to not only create a memorable and engaging fan experience but also introduce new readers to the Guinness World Records 2019: Gamer’s Edition.

Throughout the weekend, visitors had the chance to break three different Minecraft records, specially crafted for Philadelphia Minefaire.

Most sunflowers picked in one minute in the Sunflower Field in Minecraft (tablet)
The first record-breaking challenge presented to Philadelphia Minefaire attendees on 13 October 2018 was Most sunflowers picked in one minute in the Sunflower Field in Minecraft (tablet).

The first person to break to record was Sean Rosario (USA) who collected 65 sunflowers in 60 seconds. Shortly afterwards, eight-year-old Ezra Lyngdoh (USA) beat the record set by Sean, by collecting 68.

Later that afternoon, Nathan Cunningham (USA) wowed the crowd and broke the record again by picking 73 sunflowers in one minute.

Fastest time to climb to the top of Cliffside Village in Minecraft (tablet)
This proved to be the toughest challenge of the weekend as it challenged gamers to reach the roof of the house at the top of the ‘Cliffside Village’ while keeping the map selected for the duration of the attempt and without placing any blocks.

10-year-old Madie Mento (USA) was the first to break to record with a time of 1 minute 29.70 seconds. Minutes later, Garrett Muraesky achieved a new record with a time of 1 minute 19.99 seconds.

Fastest time to build all 3 utility mobs in Minecraft (tablet)
In a flurry of excitement on the Sunday, four separate challengers achieved this record.

The record was first set by Nathan Sepinwall (USA) with a time of 37.91 seconds. Minutes later both Vincent Watson (USA) and Ryan Mack (USA) smashed the record with times of 32.14 seconds and 25.88 seconds respectively.

The last record-breaker of the day was nine-year-old Chloe Hensley (USA) with a time of 25.08 seconds.

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