Since May 2012, when the Xbox 360 version first released, console players have been exploring the ever-expanding world of Minecraft.

And what a six (and a half) years it’s been. Minecraft on console opened up the sandbox game to millions more players who didn’t have access to a PC.

But console-versions porter 4J Studios has now implemented the final update for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and Wii U versions of the game. It’s the end of an era.

Sort of. You can still play the game, same as always. The studio took to Twitter to announce that The Nightmare Before Christmas Mash-up Pack will be the final content update for last-gen devices. It will roll in either today or tomorrow.

Another tweet, and your replies that proceeded to hit us right in the feels, asked fans to “share some of your best memories over the past six and a half years of Minecraft on these consoles!”

From making portraits of your kids to reminiscing on the game’s original tutorials, here’s a few notable replies:

Bring part of the games development was….nice 😥 Still remember the reveal at e3 and people going crazy. At least I did 😀
– Kaplan (@Kappische) December 19, 2018

My favorite creative world on my 360 with portraits of my 5 sons, pirate cove and red stone testing base.
– B.F.S.R. (@mobilescreen) December 18, 2018

The iconic dispenser glitch, when we had no creative that thing was a hero :eyes::joy:
– Scott (ECKOSOLDIER) (@eckoxsoldier) December 18, 2018

Some of your best old tutorials there was the best and the classics and i am proud of how far this game has came thanks to @4JStudios @Mojang
– SHAD0WDEM0NYourGamer (@reecejohnston7) December 18, 2018

Console edition wasn’t the first or the last version I played but it’s my favorite and I have so many good memories. Playing with past friends, minigames like glide, getting up early for updates on TUesdays, working on my survival world, building this 64×64 cauldron pixel art
– Kacee (@CowzerOwzer7) December 18, 2018
In total, there’s been 73 updates for Minecraft on Xbox 360 since its launch, with over 21 million players picking it up on that console alone.

In the summer, Microsoft announced that Minecraft had over 91 million active monthly users – crazy numbers. I suppose it is the second most sold/played game ever. Behind only Tetris, no less.

It will be interesting to see how, if it all, the final last-gen update affects the game’s player base. But remember, it’s not going anywhere. It’s simply found its final state. Which, still, is pretty sad

What do you think about this news? Do you play Minecraft on old consoles? Will you be sad to see those last-gen updates end? What’s your favourite memory? Let us know.