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A lot has been happening. The #StoneMarshallClub is live! But it's kind of hard to use. Lots of us have posted our info there, but that is where it stops. We need to improve it. I imagine a place to find friends to join on Minecraft servers and a place to post and help sub other YouTubers.

But something magical is happening. Several of us have shared stories. I LOVE that you are writing and sharing.

Before I share these stories, I better share something about Flynn and friends.

Thanks to you, Flynn’s Log 1 is becoming super popular. Thank you! Please continue sharing with your friends. I think the ebook will be free for a while, so anyone can try the series to see if they like my writing style and the story. The first one free is like a sample at the store. If you like it, you might buy more, but no one expects the entire store to be free. 🙂

Flynn’s Log 2 is available here. As much as I love Flynn’s Log 1, I love Flynn’s Log 2 that much more. It adds depth to the backstory of Flynn and how he arrived in Minecraft. We meet new friends and discover the importance of Thorn the spider.

Flynn’s Log 3 is super fun to write. I’m working hard to finish it soon. I’m uncertain what Zana is up to. She is so sneaky and manipulative, and poor Simon is an emotional wreck. Flynn seems to be questioning his idea of reality. It’s all so fun and interesting.

The next #StoneMarshallClub update will have news regarding the release of Flynn’s Log 3.

Until then, here are some stories from the #StoneMarshallClub to read. I am including the first part and a link to continue. These stories are raw and written with passion by some of our club members. Please comment. Tell these awesome authors something positive about their work.

Story 1

By: Phoebe @derpsytuttle

Phoebe didn't title this, so I'll call it Zach and Phoebe (akin to Romeo and Juliet)

(My comment: I think this talks to feelings of being in school today. I wonder if these feelings are prevalent?)

Once there was a boy who wasn't like the others.  He had strange abilities, he had powers. At the time he didn't really know he had powers. Only just that he made things happen. One day he found out that he wasn't bad luck it was just that he had powers.

So of course I am his only friend. He has told me of his powers. He plans to use then for getting “free” money.

I've told him not to do that, but he did it anyways. Although me and him are just teens who are foolish and dumb.

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Story 2

By: Atticus @enosora

Joe vs. The Mobs of Minecraft: A budding grown up villager fighting the an evil zombie lord.

(My comment: Awesome story. Keep writing Atticus)

Entry 1 of day 1:

I woke up on soft soil, my family was eaten by the wicked zombie, Alch, his small army killed them then ate there flesh, luckily me and a couple others survived but we were disbanded so I am all alone….

It sucks that I don’t know anything about what happened that day but I guess I should try to live and not die-OUCH!- I got hit, there’s an arrow in my leg. I got to run, my sword is behind him. Vroosh, and arrow zooms by me and it misses thank god! I’m limping from the arrow but I’m still going a little faster than that skeleton.

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PS: Reviews are so important to the business of writing. Thanks in advance for taking a minute to leave a bunch of stars.

Thanks for reading!

-Stone Marshall