On Friday, we asked dancers how high their expectations were for Thon 2015. With optimism, most students responded that they will be able to push through the 46 hours of no sitting and no sleeping.

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Now, with the final four hours approaching, walk out on the floor of the Bryce Jordan Center and you’ll see friends giving dancers piggy back rides, Dancer Relations captains wiping the tears from dancer’s cheeks and people mouthing words because they’ve lost their voice.

So we asked the dancers, “What has kept you going?”

Our first pair of dancers are best friends, and have been leaning on each other for support. Lauren Powers and Laura McAndrews, both of Yardley, Pa., say they knew it was going to be tough when they started.

Powers spoke for her and McAndrews, who had completely lost her voice. She said t-b78c05e338b949c7he cheery environment of the Bryce Jordan Center has kept their spirits high. Being able to dance with her best friend has helped “time to fly.”  But in the end, it’s all been a mental game.

“You can prepare all you want,” Powers said. “But it’s all mental.”

For dancer Joseph Almato, of Bucks County, Pa., not knowing the time has helped him stay somewhat sane, he said.

“I’ve been catching myself falling asleep while standing and talking to people,” Almato said. But he “wakes up” every hour to do the line dance, which he has apparently perfected.

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Dancer Nick Danforth, of Beverly, Ma. told us that about an hour ago, he felt like he “was going to die.”

“I was actually terrified going into it,” Danforth said. “The expectations where high. But there have been moments where I’m at my lowest, and little things keep me going. I got a letter from my brother that made me cry. He said there’s a much greater cause at stake, and he knew standing for 46 hours wouldn’t keep me down.”

Other dancers, like Danielle Diguglielmo of Newtown, Pa., said they feel better than they thought they would. But, she’s disappointed that her friends haven’t been able to make it on to the floor.

“The biggest struggle is probably the pass system,” Diguglielmo said. “It hasn’t been functioning and it’s disappointing when you-e7f1bc8fb633651b‘re expecting to see people.”

On Friday, Jordan Margolis of Monroeville, Pa., told us, “I know I’m going to make it, I just don’t know how.”

When we caught up with her today, Margolis said it hasn’t been easy. But like she said, she’s going to make it.

“There have definitely been highs and lows,” Margolis said. “The lows are exhausting and delirious. But if you stop then everything stops. We’re so close now. The kids don’t give up, so why should we?”


The dancers can sit when Thon officially ends at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015.

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