Ever fancied owning a Kate Middleton doll?

Well now you can thanks to artist Noel Cruz, who has been busy transforming boring off-the-shelf dolls into a range of celebrities. Among those you can get your hands on are Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana, Johnny Depp and

And the results are quite astounding.

Noel's handiwork, which sells for up to £3,300 a time, can take up to three days to create as he painstakingly paints the intricate faces of each model by hand – sometimes working for eight hours straight.

He removes all the paint to make a blank canvas, before repainting the face with tiny brushes, applying acrylic like makeup to each of the dolls.

The Californian artist even cuts, styles and puts mini rollers in their hair to create the exact copies of the music and movie stars.

He then sells his work on eBay.

Noel Cruz's doll repainting art
Detailed: A doll of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Noel, who lives in Tustin in California, USA, said: “I became interested in this by accident as my wife has been a collector of dolls for years.

“It's painstaking work on such a small canvas so delicately done – it can be longer than an eight-hour shift.”

While looking around the internet for dolls for his wife Emma, he noticed some of the dolls available had extremely lifelike faces.

In 2001 he decided to paint his first doll – before becoming confident enough to take on some of the planet's biggest celebs.

 Noel Cruz's doll repainting art
Hypnotising: Plastic Maleficient doll looks so real she might breathe fire

 The artist, 53, usually paints big Hollywood names such as characters from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and, more recently, The Hunger Games.

In the future, Noel, who started out as a portrait artist, hopes to work on characters from hits like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

But his favourite characters to create are classic Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis.

He added: “I gravitate towards celebrities because there are so many pictures of them available it's more of a challenge.”

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