his is My Car – Mechanics for Kids allows children a chance to peak under the hood of a car as they scroll their vehicle through different stations, allowing them to peel back the exterior and interior layers of their car that include technical information delivered in a well thought-out manner that they will appreciate.

As my son – now six years old – becomes older, his questions about the way things work such as the engine of a car or its brakes become more and more complex. Although my husband and I feel capable of explaining such concepts, I appreciate being able to use this app as a tool to explain in detail the inner workings of vehicles – now with visuals that my son can easily follow.

One main section of this app includes this information in different sections such as the outside and inside of the car as well as what makes the car run, from exhaust and fuel pipes to the engine and more, to give children a view of a vehicle most have never seen – as well as a lesson on car safety that touches upon everything from car seats and seat belts to air bags. Children will find maneuvering through the different layers of the car to be easy, tapping marked hotspots which label specific car parts of interest.

I am fond of how comprehensive this app is, as certain car details are given extra attention such as an explanation on the use of treads and steel bands to avoid hydro-planing, how the steering wheel is connected to the front wheels of the car, the use of seat belts and safety glass and the crumble zone of cars, and a comprehensive view of the dashboard and engine compartment. Also quite nice is the area dedicated to safety crashes, thoughtfully narrated by the child whom one can hear throughout this application. Hands-on sections are also included that allow children to paint and embellish their cars, fuel up and top-off fluid, and learn the basics of changing a tire and manning a carwash.

4My only note about this app is some confusion that I felt while reading the attached iTunes notes that states no reading is required – this is not the experience I had while testing This is My Car – Mechanics for Kids. Although it is true that an articulate child does narrate some sections of this app, such as the heading of these areas within, saying words such as “brakes” or “engine block,” the additional information – be it a sentence or a few paragraphs – is not narrated and will have to be read out loud to pre-readers by an adult or older sibling. I don’t find fault with the need to share this app with others, but if one expects this app to be enjoyed by toddlers left along with the iPad, it is easy to see that their family would be quite disappointed.

Having said this,This is My Car – Mechanics for Kids is an app that I can easily recommend to families who would enjoy reading these passages to their children. The look of this app is colorful and pleasing to a child’s eye, complete with upbeat music and enough detail and realism to be truly educational.