The Boy Who Drew Monsters” starts with dreams: a home in Maine by the sea; an only, precious child; stories spun in sleep. Quickly, dreams become nightmares as reality slowly warps, and dark, childish imaginings infiltrate even the adult world.

Jack Peter is the boy in the title. He’s a bright 10-year-old on the autism spectrum, prone to obsession. He wants only to read comic books, then he focuses only on playing war with plastic figurines. As the story begins, Jack has begun to spend all of his hours drawing imaginary creatures. He refuses to leave the house, venturing out only a few times a year for doctors appointments. His only friend is Nick Weller, a kind and quiet boy who indulges Jack’s quirks.

via Book Review: ‘Boy Who Drew Monsters' a chilling family tale set alongside foreboding Maine coast – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.