611ILagrt6LMILPITAS (KPIX 5) — A seven-year old Bay Area girl got a big publishing company to change some of their books.

Parker Dains was in the children’s section at the Milpitas Public Library where she found a book that started her on a journey.

“I picked it up and read the title – ‘Biggest Baddest Book of Bugs’,” she said.

The book was part of a series covering pirates, monsters, bugs and beasts.  But, that wasn’t the problem.

“When I saw the back cover, it said biggest baddest books for BOYS, and it made me very unhappy. Girls can like bugs too,” Parker said.

So, Parker told her dad they needed to do something, and she wrote a letter straight to the publisher.

Less than a month later, Abdo publishing wrote back to Parker.

“They took my advice very well and in the letter I saw is true, they’re not even lying,” Parker said.

Parker’s dad is very proud of her daughter’s passion.

“When she decides what it is she wants to do as far as a career, she is going to take it and she’s going to run with it, and no one is going to slow her down,” father Michael Dains said.

Parker says she wants to be a writer when she grows up, among many other things.

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