Minecraft Launches Halloween Pack With Creepy Creatures and Loads of Spooky Fun

Minecraft is treak or treatin' with its gamers by releasing a Halloween Mash-Up Pack this Friday and will be available on all consoles.

According to Playstation Lifestyle, the mash-up will include 43 terrifying skins, a freaky texture pack that you can use in other Minecraft worlds. It also comes with a new world that will scare you at your wit's end.

The special edition pack will be sold at $3.99.

Xbox said that the skins will have a traditional Halloween theme with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Bride of Frankenstein, Wicked Witch, Grim Reaper, Swam Monster, Tree Face, and Mad Doctor.

Best of all, you can download some of them for free!

There will be creepy blocks available that you can use for building and an eerie background music to keep you company and give you some goose bumps.

Players can cosplay as a vampire, ghost, or other old-school Halloween characters. There seems to be a haunted house that's already built for players can explore. It uses all the new features and spooky skins.

But of course, you have the freedom to destroy, customize, and build your own structures as you deem fit. During this season, gamers are encouraged to build the scariest structure they could possibly imagine.

Pocket Edition and Windows 10 players will also get to experience the spooky Minecraft edition. Just stay tuned for Mojang's update that will be posted on October 23.

Minecraft Halloween Mash-up Pack will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS3, and PS4.

WATCH: Minecraft Launches Halloween Pack With Creepy Creatures and Loads of Spooky Fun