It was only a matter of time before more competitors jumped feet first into the live-stream gaming pool. Paris based streaming video site Dailymotion has announced that it will make a major push into the space with Dailymotion Games. The new streaming service will target both amateur gamers and professional content creators who are currently sharing their gameplay on other platforms. Dailymotion Games will also seek to tap into the increasingly lucrative world of professional e-sports and competitive gaming.

gif2The game streaming market has been dominated by Twitch, the live-streaming service that was acquired by Amazon last year for an estimated $970 million. That deal proved to be the final word on the rapid growth of both streaming and competitive gaming. Since the Twitch deal proved the value of streaming audiences, a number of competitors have have attempted to jump into the field and snatch Twitch’s crown. E-sports giant Major League Gaming made waves when they lured YouTube’s biggest gaming name, PewDiePie, to their streaming platform MLG.TV. More recently Valve, the company behind indie gaming market Steam, launched a beta version of its own streaming platform.

gif1While MLG and Steam bring experience with gaming and gamer culture to the table in their bids to unseat Twitch, Dailymotion is uniquely situated to support creators in a different way. Prior to its recent foray into live-streaming, Dailymotion has been a leader in the hosting and streaming of user generated video content. Like YouTube, Dailymotion hosts its own community of video content creators and could easily offer those same advantages to gamers. While Twitch has historically operated as an unofficial companion to YouTube, Dailymotion has the ability to host live and pre-recorded content all in one place, an advantage that is likely to appeal to gaming content creators who are tired of jumping from platform to platform to reach their audience.

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