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Minecraft is probably the next best thing after Lego when it comes to building something out of blocks. It’s not every day that those blocks you piled would be under threat as soon as the sun goes down, anyway. You might also need to battle awful things in The Nether if you want to defend your creation.

Well, fighting your nemesis would look much better if you dress the part. And there isn’t a shortage of skins in this game.

Best Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) Skins

Are you looking for skins for Minecraft 0.11.0? Here are some of your best options.

Arab Man

Regardless of what you associate with the Arab Man, it is a fact that playing the game garbed in the traditional than would be interesting. Do you feel like making your own oil depot and silo all of a sudden?

Sheriff Woody

Ah, who doesn’t love Woody from Toy Story? You must be crazy if you don’t have the hearts for him. Although Buzz Lightyear is pretty cool too. But hey, nothing beats a cowboy boots and hat to go with the Wild West look.


“I am Groot!” Well, don’t believe every word said, because “I am Groot” can be anything. But, as one of the coolest characters in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, you would not be the only one rooting for Groot. Get it?

Squid Man

Have you always wanted to be the Kraken or…Squidward? In Minecraft PE, the closest you can get to making your dreams come true is to have Squid Man as your skin. Just bear with the squid water mobs style. You would be able to swim very fast, anyway. Part of the skin’s secret feature.


Previously an old mob that was removed in Minecraft in 2010, Rana is back! But, as a human skin. No reason to be disappointed, right? Better a Rana skin than no Rana at all.


What rhymes with burp, but sounds more like twerk? Derp! Nothing about the riddle makes sense. But so does having a strange face attached to a human body. Why can’t it be just a normal face? Just leaves you wondering, is derp man or not?

Pumpkin Boss

Think of this Minecraft PE skin as a huge improvement with the scarecrow. Because now he’s wearing a suit instead of rags, although the pumpkin would still give anyone nightmares, especially those that aren’t a fan. Hey, you can use that as a strategy. All you need to do is find out which if your opponents are scared of scarecrows with a Jack O’Lantern for a head.


Isn’t Groot a tree as well? What makes this skin different is that it can pass as an actual tree in Minecraft. This means you can camouflage yourself as one and then attack. Very few might see you coming.

Barry the Bear

Unlike the usual bear, Barry the Bear is more cute than scary. But because he’s in Minecraft, you can’t trust him to be all that warm and cuddly.

Clown Boy

How many clowns have turned murderer in movies? Well, Clown Boy is just as scary, and being killed by him in survival games can be downright frightening.

Top 10 Minecraft PE Skins