Top 10 Alternative Minecraft Games

Here are ten video games you’ll want to play if you love Minecraft!


Minecraft has been available since 2009 and while the game has received its fair share of updates, the core remains the same. After all, why mess with the formula that just works so well? We’re not sick of Minecraft by any means but it’s tempting to take a break and enjoy some video games that make for a great alternative. Luckily there are plenty of great titles worth playing if you loved the gameplay and style from Minecraft. From clones that add their own unique spin on the Minecraft gameplay to titles that were developed highlighting the creators influences, here’s ten must play Minecraft alternatives.



Developer: Re-Logic

Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, 3DS, PS3, PS4, PSV, Wii U, Windows Phone, XB 360, XBO

Terraria and Minecraft are often compared to each other as they play out very similarly. This title was developed by Re-Logic in 2011 for the PC but has since released to several platforms such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Much like Minecraft, Terraria is an endless title where players explore, collect resources and battle enemies within a randomly generated world.

While collecting resources and defeating enemies, players can build structures which can eventually be filled with NPCs where in return these characters can offer gamers items or services to purchase. One key difference Terraria has from Minecraft is that the game is featured in a side-scrolling 2D world. Regardless, Terraria has been picked up over ten million times and it’s available for practically every current platform.



Developer: Firepunch Studios

Platforms: PC

You may have heard of Rust before early in the development process, Firepunch Studios went for a title that played out similar to DayZ though the developers later scrapped the idea of fighting strictly zombies and worked for a more wilderness survival game. Much like Minecraft, Rust tosses players into the wilderness with the goal of surviving. At first, players are equipped with very basic tools though as they progress, players will find new blueprints to craft more advanced items and weaponry.

Unlike Minecraft, Rust only contains an online multiplayer mode which is one of the key aspects that keep Rust a tough game to master. Not only will gamers have to face against wild animals as the gather resources and blueprints but they may be pinned against other hostile players.

It’s highly advised within the world of Rust to join or start a clan in order for further protection against other groups along with having the luxury of housing with clan members as you prepare for raids and looting. Besides hostile players and animals, gamers will have to keep track of other minor daily occurrences to keep alive such as maintaining how much their character consumes food and their body temperature.



Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly

Platforms: PC

Fortnite is an upcoming co-op sandbox survival title that is described as Minecraft meetsLeft 4 Dead. This video game will have players working together in a randomly generated world in which their overall goal of  the game is to build a structure for protection from the swarms of monsters that come each night. Players can build a structure to their liking and imagination along with constructing to better suit their needs for fighting off the hordes of monsters that appear at night. A total of four classes will be available to choose from, each of which will have their own unique attributes such as the Ninja class which are characters best suited for melee based weapons such as a Katana.

As players progress through the game and level up, new aspects will become available. After each round, players can further tweak their structure and decide on what resources such as wood, stone, or metal should be swapped out for another. Furthermore, players may find new spots to fortify or to rig a hidden trap.



Developer: Daybreak Games

Platforms: PC

Landmark is a small fragment of the upcoming EverQuest Next. Within the game ofLandmark, players are tasked with exploring and building whatever they please and so far we’ve seen some truly remarkable creations. While the game does offer some resources and items to collect, Daybreak Games mainly wish players to make creations which may be used for the upcoming EverQuest Next video game. Another aspect of the game is the DGC Marketplace where gamers can buy or sell items within the game. Currently, Landmark is in closed beta with no clear indication when the game will become open for everyone.



Developer: Roblox Corporation

Platforms: PC, iOS, Android, XBO

RoBlox has been available since its beta in 2006 and since then the game has continued to go strong with new players interested in one thing, creating. The heart and soul of RoBloxis about creating whatever a gamer can imagine with a heavy influence of social gameplay. Players can meet together, build their own incredible world, and do as they like within that world. This is one title that’s a must play if you’re into the creation side of things withinMinecraft.



Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Platform: PC, PS4, XBO

We’ve mentioned about DayZ earlier within the game Rust. This is an open-world video game title that places gamers in a heavily populated post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other players. As a survivor, players will have to embark on a journey of collecting resources to further stay alive such as food, water, medicine, and weapons. An interesting aspect to DayZ is the permadeath which means when players die they start over with nothing leaving it tough to trust other players, especially those within groups.

As of right now DayZ is still very much in the development phase with Bohemia Interactive considering several new upcoming features to include in the game when it officially launches. We may see more buildings players can enter, the ability to build bases, security systems, and even programmable computers.  Although it’s uncertain just what features will make the official release launch.



Developer: Exatogames

Platforms: PC

It’s obvious the influences behind the development of Guncraft and even though it can be confused as simply a Minecraft clone, Guncraft offers a unique gameplay. Yes, players can build and construct their own creations but the heart of the game is a first person shooter. Players will duke it out with a variety of firearms and even vehicles such as helicopters and hover drones. Another key point with Guncraft is the highly destructible environments that you can first build for specific matches such as capture the flag or deathmatch.



Developer: Chucklefish Games

Platforms: PC, XBO, PS4, PSV

Starbound takes place in the future where players start off the game fleeing their homeworld. As their shuttle shoots off into the deep space our protagonist finds himself landing on a habitable planet where the players adventure truly begins. Though the game does feature quests and  story driven missions, players are free to explore and collect resources. However, besides the story missions, developers have started that players can choose their own path within Starbound such as farming to sell crops to building and managing places for rent for the various traveling NPCs.

There’s a total of seven playable races to go through the game as, each of which will have their own reasons in fleeing their homeworld along with their different beliefs and background information. Starbound released on December 4, 2013, as Steam Early Access title though it’s unclear just when we’ll see the game make its way to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Don’t Starve


Developer: Klei Entertainment

Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, PSV, Wii U, Xbox One

Don’t Starve takes the elements of Minecraft by dropping a player into a dark dreary world with little instructions on what to do while the design looks as if it came directly from a Tim Burton film. Players control a scientist named Wilson as he must make his way through the night with monsters and supernatural enemies hot on his tail. Similar toFortnite, players will search and scavenge the world during the day in order to gather supplies for firewood and food to survive the nightfall. Gamers attempt to survive for as long as they possibly can while exploring the world and reaching the end island. Since the game released, there has been DLC which offers news characters, creatures, and seasonal effects.

Planet Explorers


Developer: Pathea Games

Platforms: PC

Set in 2287 players are aboard the first colony ship sent out by Earth. As the colony ship approaches a planet known as Maria, a creature causes the ship to crash leaving the survivors stranded on a hostile alien planet. Within the game players will explore the alien world, build, gather resources, and claim their new home. There is an included storyline with NPCs and missions though it’s completely up to the player to go through the campaign or completely ignore it to create their own story. Multiplayer is another aspect within Planet Explorers where players can go through a coop of the adventure mode or a versus mode which is based on the amount kills, built objects, and resources mined by the contenders.


Top 10 Alternative Minecraft Games