It’s official, Pocket Minecraft finally has Oculus Rift support; this is great news for Windows 10 PC gamers as the VR headset is now compatible with that version of Minecraft. For mobile gamers, this is not very good news.

The Oculus Rift support is exclusive to PC’s that have Windows 10 and are playing on the new Windows 10 edition of Minecraft. This is a free update for this platform and all users with the Oculus Rift VR headset can now experience the world through that headset.

While this is not the first VR headset to be compatible with Minecraft, the Oculus Rift does offer more services such as external camera tracking which gives Minecraft Pocked Edition players a different experience.

Gamers also have the option of using a Samsung Gear VR which was made compatible with Minecraft earlier this year; both headsets use a Xbox One controller and there is no Touch Motion Controller support for either headset just yet.

The next big update for Minecraft Pocket Edition is Update 0.16.0 which will be released this Fall; the developers have been releasing various hints and have teased a variety of screenshots. Several upcoming features and adjustments have been confirmed by the developers however, there are also various potential features that could be in this update.

It was revealed on Twitter that Minecraft Pocket Edition will be receiving Deep Oceans and also the Ocean Monuments which should also contain Guardians; players also expect that Polar Bears will be added to the game in this update. The Polar Bear mod has been hinted at for several months but has yet to be added to the game, it would make sense for the team to release this mob for the Fall/Winter period.

Some new hints from the developers have suggested that an in-game Crafting Guide Book will be added with this update; in addition to this, players can look forwards to Loot Tables which will impact item drops in the world.

New information shows that Minecraft Pocket Edition will be receiving a version exclusive where the maps use a variety of colors to represent the different biomes in the world. As a bonus, players can expect to see new Resource Packs and potentially even Custom Resource Packs.

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