Twitch plays Minecraft plays Pokémon Red, anyone?

Above: Twitch plays Minecraft plays Pokémon Red, anyone?

You can make almost anything in Minecraft, and fans have shown over and over that they will.

One community creator, who goes by the name Magib1 on Reddit, is attempting to rebuild all of the original 1996 role-playing game Pokémon Red. They’re actually using command blocks, which basically enable players to write programs inside the Minecraft world. People have previously used this to make calculators and other computers, but — as with all things — Pokémon was inevitable.

Magib1 has worked on this project for a while, and they have made some serious improvements to the way it performs.

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In a post on Reddit from today, Magib1 noted that they have made the game look better by smoothing out the graphics. The big change on this front comes in the form of the full walking animation for Ash. This latest build also adds collision detection and the ability to hold down buttons.

Another major improvement came when Magib1 was able to change how he stored the information for menus. This helped him eliminate 25,000 command blocks … which is a huge number. This also improved the responsiveness of the onscreen (on a screen) action and it helped reduce the overall file size drastically.

If you want to download this to try it, Magib1 has some good and bad news regarding that.

“I do plan on releasing the map once it gets far enough along to actually be playable, but that is still a ways off,” they wrote.

What kinds of things does Magib1 need to finish before releasing it? Well, they next plan to work on reducing the delay when holding down a movement button even further along with improving (or adding) basic menus.

Once all that’s finally finished, maybe we can finally get Twitch Plays Minecraft Playing Pokémon.

The fan that’s trying to re-create Pokémon Red in Minecraft has made some updates