For a limited time on Google Play, you can pick up Minecraft: Story Mode, published and created by Telltale Games, for only $0.49. Typically priced at $4.99, this is quite a deal for fans of Minecraft and Telltale.

In this game, you play as a team of Minecraft realm dwellers, tasked with saving your world from dark, magical powers. You will travel across the land all of the way to the Nether in your quest to make your home safe again from the Ender Dragon. All five parts of this episodic series are available for multiple platforms, and your $0.49 purchase unlocks the first chapter. Once you are completed with that, you can purchase a season pass or each chapter individually via an IAP. 

The game is playable on basically any device, but most notably, is compatible with Android TV and supported controllers, such as SHIELD TV with the SHIELD Controller.

Good luck on your quest!

Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode is on Sale for Just $0.49